Monday, November 06, 2006

Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Also known as "Amish Country"

My husband and I spent two nights and about 2 days roaming the countryside in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania last month. It was our first visit, although we had been to the Amish country of Ohio a couple years ago. We stayed in Intercourse, PA (favorite magnet "I LOVE INTERCOURSE (Pa.)" but also visited Bird-in-Hand and Paradise. We drove through a covered bridge, ate at a couple Amish restaurants, one buffet and one family style. We did a lot of shopping -- mostly little things like plaques, magnets, etc. I got my granddaughter an Amish bonnet. The weather was crisp. It rained one evening into the night and a little the next morning. The wind was gusting after the rain came through. But in all, it was quite pleasant.

They ask that you not take pictures of the Amish as it is against their beliefs (graven images, and all that), but you can take far away shots. I got a couple of buggy pictures, but none of the people. We had some good food -- including apple lasagna for breakfast. My husband had scrapple for breakfast but did not care for it.

We'd love to go back sometime, but stay in a bed and breakfast this time. Our hotel was off the beaten path .. in fact the above picture was taken standing in front of the motel. A similar scene was behind our motel! We just have to do a little homework next time.

Also, next time I'm bringing a car so I can buy some bigger stuff!