Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It was bound to happen!

I've been pretty lucky over the past almost twenty years of traveling! Only one cancelled flight and few delays beyond an hour. However, today my luck stopped.

I knew something was up when the gate agent at United's ticket booth asked us to step over to a different line when she found out we were headed to Reno via Denver (I have a conference to attend). We waited...and waited...and then were told that our flight had been delayed from 5:02 departure to 6:40 and we might not make our connecting flight. Well, we're expected in Reno tonight by our professors as well as some friends, plus we had a room reserved at the Silver Legacy. But the lady said we'd get in around 8:00 (RMT) and the other flight wasn't leaving until 8:35 and it was at the very next gate. So we went ahead and stayed with it. We take the tram over to the gate when all of a sudden my cell phone rang ... strange number. It was United update telling me the flight was delayed until after 8:00 and we were being rebooked to take a flight out of Denver IN THE MORNING! So, I went up the gate agent to confirm what was going on. She said there was a possibility the Reno flight would be delayed, too, but just in case, she gave us a voucher for a room in Denver and a boarding pass for the morning flight.

We called the Silver Legacy in Reno to tell them what had happened and they were very nice about it. Just told us to call from Denver and either release the room or tell them what time we would be in. They would not charge us a "no show" fee. So we got on the plane and headed for Denver.

Well, needless to say, there was NO ONE in the gate next door, so we went to get our luggage. GUESS WHAT? NO LUGGAGE! They had it tagged for Reno and were holding it until the next morning's flight. If we wanted it, it would be 1-2 hrs. wait. So we found the shuttle to the hotel and drove about 1/2 hour to Aurora (where the hotel is). We've signed up for a shuttle at 7 so hopefully we'll get in okay. Don't need to check luggage or get a boarding pass so ...

Well, gotta go and try to get ahold of someone in Reno.

Oy vay!


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